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Meet Doug Weldon, artist and author from Florida.

Don't I look contented, sitting there at King Corona in Ybor city,
a Cohiba in one hand and cafe con leche in the other?

Doug Weldon, author from the American Southeast, novels of space opera

        Yes, I do.

Probably because I'm not at work.

I once worked as an art director for a multimedia production company called Lighthouse Education and Design. For a brief time, we were the world leader in food safety online training. Mostly because no one else was doing it. It was a new field and we had a blast. It was a dream job. It was Ralphie’s BB gun. Then it was gone.

Someday, I hope to have that dream job feeling once more, filling my days with writing and painting, but for now, I am a medical courier with a long drive and lots of time to think about plot and characters. I write science fiction. Like you, I've read a great deal, but I decided that instead of searching for novels that turned out the way I wanted, I would simply write them. Not so simple, but immensely fun.

Sci-fi novels by Poul Anderson and David Brin

These are some of the novels which had an impact in my youth, growing up in the South. Shadow Line from Glen Cook's Starfisher’s trilogy; life and mining on the terminator of a tide-locked planet. A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows by Poul Anderson, the first book I read from the writer of some of the most beautiful and descriptive prose I have ever encountered, often copying passages for study. David Brin’s Startide Rising, with dolphins that speak in haiku. Then there is The Mote in God’s Eye and a mission to a world populated by aliens with a secret.

Good stuff.

Living in the American Southeast, trying to be a better author

Those were profound books. Next to these authors, I am navel lint. Next to these books, my work looks like this…

But I'm getting better.

Open this PDF of the first chapter of INDRAVATI. See what you think.

John Scalzi, author of Old Man's War, recently said in an interview that he wished his books to be a gateway to greater authors. If my books could be known for one thing, I’d want it said that they kick boredom square in the nards.

Please share.


Yes. I want boredom to get a kick in the nards!


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